Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo

Wow!!  Nicole Kidman stars in her second campaign shot by Camilla Akrans for legendary shoe brand Jimmy Choo.  Obvious similarities have been made between 1960’s legendary French actress, singer and iconic model Brigitte Bardot and the swimsuit wearing, beehived Kidman who looks AMazing as usual!!


Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo SS14 By Camilla Akrans


Nicole Kidman for Jimmy Choo SS14 By Camilla Akrans


Brigitte Bardot by Douglas Kirkland

Another one bites the dust

Recently it seems every new piece of news from the industry brings news of a big departure.  Emma Hill at Mulberry started the trend, closely followed by Marc Jacobs’s dramatic departure from Louis Vuitton, after which Angela Ahrendts decided to up and leave the fashion world behind; moving from Burberry to Apple and to top it off, this weekend the news that Jill Sander has yet again left the position as Creative Director of her own name brand, after having only returned just over a year ago!  Great losses on each part, however also exciting to see what they all go on to do and more importantly who becomes the lucky one to take over each of these four fashion power houses….watch this space!


Mulberry: SS14 Look one, Emma Hill’s final bow


Louis Vuitton: Marc Jacobs bids farewell, SS14 Look One

burb5 copy copy

Burberry: Angla Ahrendts, SS14 Look One


Jill Sander: SS14 Look One, Jill Sander’s AW13 Bow

Alison Lou

Alison Lou – A name to remember.  I came across this new jewellery brand via Instagram and have been in love ever since!!  The wit and humour behind the first collection from designer Alison Chemia is a massive hit within the luxury fashion market.  I must admit upon researching to see where I could buy it ALL, I was shocked to find myself in the fine jewellery section looking at prices ranging from £260 for a single stud earring to £2,395 for an exquisite thin gold chain smiley face necklace.  The collection ‘is a thoughtful and cheeky commentary on the expression of feelings – from the banal to the intimate – through the language of emoticons’.  The gorgeously quirky jewellery will have to be in my dreams for a long time yet but if you are lucky enough to be able to get your hands on it, find it online at Matches (I personally recommend the goggly eyed rings) or just find out more information here, on the Alison Lou homepage!


Alison Lou Jewellery Campaign


Alison Lou Selection

Fashion Soundtrack

It was a while ago now but I still think it’s worth a post…..Florence & Fred at Tesco surly have a new creative team behind their recent adverts.  Their summer campaign featured music the amazing Aluna George ‘You Know you Like It’ but it didn’t quite cut it, the music had no relevance to the advert; whereas with the Autumn campaign they got it spot on!  Featuring one of the best songs of the year, Ben Pearce ‘What I Might Do’ Tesco have produced a pretty mint advert……the clothes don’t look too bad either!

Fashion comes Home for SS14

Paris is the home of fashion, this has never been as true as it is now.  I wasn’t sure if anyone could take anymore after the departure of Marc Jacobs from Louis Vuitton was announced, the anticipation for his last show was enough to send even Anna Wintour (well, maybe) into a frenzy!  Yet Chanel was to come and Karl Lagerfeld is not upstaged easily.  For me, this Chanel collection could have been staged in a tip and the clothes would have looked as breathtaking as ever; however in true KL style the Grand Palais was whitewashed and turned into a modern art hanger with over 75 life size pieces of ‘Artwork’ (designed by the one and only) lining the catwalk.  You couldn’t help but think about the ever potent question; is fashion art?  If this man’s creations aren’t worthy of the art world then I don’t know what is.  This collection was one of the best seasons Chanel has had for a while; breathtaking yes but also wearable, it had it all!!  This year Wang took Balenciaga and whipped up something that was noticeably Wang but still oozed Parisien chic with a Balenciaga attitude! Heremes and Dior were both in full bloom with florals leading the way in an oversized print as well as our old friend snakeskin adding an extra kick to trims and accessories; Miu Miu finished off the epic week with a sickly sweet presentation of pastel colours and swinging 60’s pea coats.  Too much to write about all in one, the pictures will do the talking:


Louis Vuitton SS14: Look 1

chanel ss14

Chanel SS14: Look 18, 35, 48 and 83

balenciaga ss24 copy

Balenciaga SS14: Look 8, 13, 33 and 34

dior ss14

Christian Dior SS14: Look 4, 21, 25 and 31


Hermes SS14: Look 1, 10, 21 and 33


Miu Miu SS14: Look 1, 20, 32 and 39

Milano SS14

For me, Milan is a showman’s playground, colourful, fun and fabulous; a place where Anna Del Russo almost blends into the background (almost)!  As fashion moves from the innovation of London it looks towards the Italian city in expectation of big shows from big brands with major trends.  Gucci kicked things off in a surprisingly relaxed manner, exploring the sportswear trend in a luxe, Italian way, styled with killer heels and slicked back hair.  It was, I felt, one of the weakest Gucci outings in a while, however I still wouldn’t mind looking like that when heading to the gym!  Next up, Dolce&Gabbana sent the internet into overload!  Visions of ancient Greece were intertwined with the classic black Dolce lace, topped off with olympic style wrestling belts and gold everything!  This was the year of the Sicilian goddess…one can only dream!  Moving on from the more traditional Milan to the world of Prada where Miuccia was on a feminist mission.  Celebrating feminism through the exploration of girl gangs and tough love, it was a collection of contradictions that, as always created one of the shows of the season!!  Other standout shows included Marni, Versace, Fendi and of course the queen of cool Jil Sander.


Milan SS14: Gucci and Prada


Dolce & Gabbana Finale SS14


Milan SS14: Jill Sander, Fendi, Marni, Versace