Armani Privé Couture AW13

When I think of the Giorgio Armani client I automatically think of a lady, class, decadence and pure style.  She doesn’t just own one piece of Armani, her entire wardrobe is Armani; her life is one of society balls and endless champagne. Glamourous yet elegant, sexy yet vulnerable, every man and woman’s dream.  This was the woman we were presented with at this weeks Armani Privé AW13 Couture show.

From the start the scene was set – the models hair tied up in loose retro curls, soft around the face with bare minimal makeup but for a rose tinted lip and strong brow.  We had been taken back to old school Hollywood, The Great Gatsby era with its soft tailoring in the lightest pink/peach hue, sweet fur neckerchief’s, and rose pearl collars.

Gradually the Armani woman became sexier and more modern introducing daring black tulle see through tops matched with billowing evening trousers which I for one would die for!  Heavier duty accessories were introduced, door-knocker earrings and double cuff’s, taking the edge off some of the more twee ensembles.  As the collection continued the colour pallet became lighter and lighter, until it was quite literally Nude….beautiful.  My favourite pieces included the tiered, tulle skirted dresses with slinky tops; styled to perfection with strong yet minimal jewellery – just divine!

Armani doesn’t always produce a collection I take notice of, but this couture offering is hard to forget.  I’m sure there were more than a few special clients taking note for potential day tailoring, evening gowns and wedding dresses.  The collection for me was unadulterated perfection, stylish and classy.  After all this is couture, Armani at his best.

Armani 1

Armani Privé AW13 Couture: Look 4, Look 16 and Look 18


Armani Privé AW13 Couture: Look 25, Look 27 and Look 28


Armani Privé AW13 Couture: Look 37, Look 40 and Look 42


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